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Our team of qualified and experienced professionals offer tailored and independent property investment advice, along with fully integrated mortgage broking, accounting and financial planning services to best meet our clients’ needs. Whether it is buying your first investment property, finding the right home loan, or planning your wealth strategy for your long-term investment goals, ReinGroup Investors can help you.

At ReinGroup Investors, we are not just a firm that provides property investment advice. We are also passionate about education and creating awareness in the property industry. We strongly believe in guiding, inspiring and educating our clients.

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Investment Property Advice

We can help a whole range of people. You will be suprised what is possible.

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Research Methodology

Our research methodology adopts a ‘macro to micro’ approach and has three steps.

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BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator

You may be entitled to claim on your property.

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Help Your Kids Get Started

Using a family guarantee loan may allow your kids to get into the property market sooner.

Want to invest in property but not sure how? We'd love to hear from you.

Property Investment Seminars

ReinGroup Investors is excited to be able to use the specialist services of Bluewealth’s CEO, Dr Tony Hayek to host seminars for exisiting and potential ReinGroup clients.

The Australian property market is poised for growth. There is strong population increases, rising rents and a chronic housing shortage. But which markets are over-heated and which ones are about to boom?

We invite you to hear leading property expert, Dr Tony Hayek, discuss the key drivers of Australian property market and explain how to use research to identify growth markets.

ReinGroup Investors

Product and Services

Mortgage Solutions

Your property investment portfolio has got to start somewhere, and usually that somewhere is a mortgage. Let us tailor a package to your specific situation.


Effective property investment can hinge on how you structure your accounts, claim your expenses and pay your tax – don’t ignore this crucial step!


Property investment is a tool that everyday Australians can use to get ahead in life. Have you considered wealth generation strategies for your retirement?

Legal Advice

What steps can you take to ensure your portfolio is protected and working for you? Legal advice for property investment can be a good place to start.

Property Management

Managed properties are less work for investors and can be the difference between rental properties that perform excellently, and those that don’t.

Financial planning & investment

We will guide you with a personalised property investment plan to establish a property investment portfolio.

Meet our Team

Kevin Reeve _ ReinGroup

Kevin Reeve

Kevin has developed a very broad base of knowledge and expierence through his 14 years in the finance and property industry.

His tireless work ethic is borne out of a genuine desire to help people create wealth and security in their lives.  He works every day to educate his clients about the key fundamentals of financial wellbeing.

Kevin got the 'property bug' in 2003, at the age of 21, when he purchased his first investment property. Since then, he and his wife have worked together to buy a home and multiple investment properties, of which they constantly adjust their portfolio in line with their changing financial goals and the ever-evolving property market. As a result, they now control a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio.


Jim is one of the leading professionals in the property investment industry. He has 30+ years of real estate experience, wrote a book and spoke at many seminars in Australia, Jim has guided many clients to financial independence through long-term property investment.


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What our clients say

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