Financial planning

What do you need to establish a property investment portfolio? Sound financial advice is one thing. Who can you talk to about your property investment plan?

Are you saving enough to retire on? Or will you have accumulated sufficient superannuation? For most people the answer is, unfortunately, no. It can be hard enough to keep the wolves at bay on a salary, let alone delve into retirement planning. So how can you make your income work for you?

Property investment is an extremely popular way for Australians to fund their retirement and supplement any superannuation they may have built up along the way. Financial planning is a great way to get your income up and expenses down so that your bank balance is in fighting form when it comes time to submit an investment loan application.

The REIN Group circle of safety

It seems there’s always someone out there that wants to part you from your money, so how can you be sure you’re talking to a qualified financial adviser who has your best interests at heart?

We call it The REIN Group circle of safety. We have a broad network of financial and other professionals that can work together to help you achieve your property investment goals. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. We have a host of clients who have been in your shoes, and we can show you just how successful they have been with some financial planning and a solid property acquisition strategy.

Why should I invest in property?

There are a range of situations that could give rise to the need for some financial advice, but at The REIN Group we’re interested in how a financial adviser can help you achieve long-term fiscal fitness. We’re happy to recommend an advisor from our circle of referral partners who would be more than capable of helping you with all of your financial planning needs, but let’s talk more about property.

Real estate isn’t a golden goose or a cure-all for poor retirement planning, but with the proper advice and guidance, it can be your way out of the doldrums and on track for prosperity. A brick and mortar investment has certain desirable benefits that have made real estate one of the preferred methods of preserving and growing wealth for decades.

Aside from its tangible benefits, such as providing shelter and the ability to increase value through capital improvements, there is the matter of leverage. Your deposit of 10 or 20 per cent gives you access to the growth on 100 per cent of the property’s market value – what other investment can do the same?

Proper financial advice and planning will help you get into a position where you can take advantage of leverage, gearing and everything else property related.

How can a financial adviser help me?

What exactly does financial planning involve? Good question. A qualified financial adviser deals in two things: Time and money, both of which we all hope to have on our side when it comes time to retire.

Your financial adviser can help you:

  • Establish and reach your financial goals faster
  • Identify ways to increase your savings or decrease expenses
  • Make sense of certain tax benefits or government concessions available to you
  • Create a sound budget for both short term necessities and long term aims
  • Develop risk management strategies, to ensure you have the appropriate personal insurance cover
  • Superannuation restructure and rollovers

With that in mind, why wouldn’t you talk to a qualified financial adviser as soon as possible?

Retirement seems very far away

Does it? If you’re in your mid-twenties, you’re over a third of the way to your probable retirement age. Somewhere in your thirties? You’re about halfway there. We won’t keep going with this example – it can get pretty scary quite quickly.

The need to start planning for retirement becomes apparent quite fast. If you’re not saving that much now, how will you be able to stop working in 20 or 40 years time? And remember, you don’t want to just hang up your hat and leave the daily grind – you want to enjoy yourself.

Whether that means a world surfing tour or hanging out with the (eventual) grandkids is up to you, and so is your retirement planning. As we established before, relying on super and savings might not be the safest way to create a financially independent future for yourself and your family.

At this point, you might think that talking about property investment and taking some financial planning advice could be worthwhile. Good move. But if you’re going to wait to get your finances in order yourself, you’ll never make the first step. There’s always another expense around the corner that can get in the way of starting your property investment journey.

Don’t let it happen to you – talk to The REIN Group today, and let us welcome you into our circle of safety by introducing you to a financial professional you can trust.